PPIWDC and Charles Arndt shall generally focus on creating positive impacts and outcomes through public policy reforms, innovative programs, and funding acquisition for people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations moving them to be economically self-sufficient, living self-determined lives, and fully included within the mainstream communities of their choosing;

PPIWDC may from time to time work on other projects unrelated to its primary purpose when clients need assistance accessing and navigating governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local level and projects that are within PPIWDC’s expertise that may involve different project targets and related humanitarian causes;

PPIWDC will conduct program and funding analysis, research, design, development, implementation, and evaluation;

PPIWDC will assist state and local governments and private agencies in the design of Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers and other programs and funding sources including the utilization of best practice and evidence-based practices;

PPIWDC will provide governmental liaison, marketing, and public relations services for PPIWDC’s clients;

PPIWDC will conduct policy analysis, research, and strategic decision-making including development of public policy solutions and social change reforms with effective and efficient impacts on affected parties;

PPIWDC will provide executive and management training on current issues and trends related to PPIWDC’s work and facilitate client leadership and strategic management practices;

PPIWDC will provide other legally permissible, management and executive services to private agencies, state and local governments as requested.