References and Recognitions:

“Throughout our years of working together, I was always able to count on Charles Arndt for his cooperation, loyalty and vision. He was always able to bring his knowledge and experience to create new ideas and effective ways of doing business for our system. I also know he had the interests of people with developmental disabilities and desire to enhance their lives at the heart of his professional actions. Ohio’s Developmental Disabilities System is better because of Mr. Arndt’s work and vision all of these years.”
Quote from Kenneth W. Ritchey    PDF
Ohio Department of MR/DD 1999-2007

“First, let me say that Charles Arndt has been an unwavering supporter and tireless worker on behalf of persons with disabilities. He has “gone the mile’ and there are thousands who, though they may not be aware, have a lot for which to thank him.”
Quote from Terrence M Ryan, PhD    PDF
Cuyahoga County Board of MR/DD, Cleveland, Ohio 2002-present

“But by far, Charles Arndt’s greatest strength was his ability to successfully lobby State Legislatures to obtain changes in state law that benefitted the MR/DD community in general and his ability to raise funds were instrumental in the continuance and success of the association.”
Quote from Hal Maxfield    PDF
Former President and thirteen year member
Ohio Association of County Boards of MR/DD 1991-2004

“Charles Arndt’s accomplishments on behalf of citizens of Ohio with MR/DD over years were outstanding. He is an individual who never sought personal acclamations but looked to serve unselfishly the people he represented. He was a true advocate for individuals with MR/DD, and used the governmental system to promote funding, laws, and policies that were not detrimental to the well being of the individuals served.”
Quote from Jerome C Manuel    PDF
Ohio Department of MR/DD 1991-1999

“In 2000, I came to you, Charles Arndt, to let you know of the serious financial difficulties boards were having making ends meet the demand. You designed, proposed and got enacted the Medicaid Refinancing proposal under H.B. 94 and 405 in 2001 that gave access to Medicaid waivers for thousands of people and resulted in boards having access to over $500 million of new federal monies. Clearly, that assisted us all in balancing our budgets, expanding services and meeting more needs of the people we are entrusted in supporting.”
Quote from Michael A. Donzella, Ed.D.    PDF
Cuyahoga County Board of MR, DD 1972-2002

“My first impression of Charles Arndt was one of awe. ”Where does this guy get his energy, his vision, his optimism, his gut level advocacy for those we serve and his positive attitude?: While I still don’t know the answer to that question, my first impression remains my lasting impression. Mr. Arndt is energetic, a visionary, and unabashed optimist, a stalwart advocate, and STILL has a positive attitude.”
Quote from Dr. Douglas Burkhardt    PDF
Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Retired 2012

“Charles Arndt is an insightful, intelligent and passionate professional. His work has led to statewide legislative and policy changes that will result in lifelong benefits to the individuals in our state who developmental disabilities.”
Quote from Jed Morison    PDF
Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities 1999-present

“It is hard to imagine what the developmental disabilities landscape in Ohio would look like had it not been for Charles Arndt’s contributions. The relative stability of Ohio’s system can in large measure be attributed to Mr. Arndt’s intelligence, passion and foresight.”
Quote from John R. Pekar    PDF
Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities

“During my time as a legislator in the Ohio General Assembly (1999-2008), I appreciated and respected advocates who possessed special skills and particular passion which enable them to make a difference in the always challenging process of formulating and implementing effective public policy. Charles Arndt is one of those persons. It was a joy to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and able person on legislation which has, I believe, had a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of some of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens.……..let me simply say I am a big Charlie Arndt fan! His dedication and his devotion to his calling is evident in everything he does. I recommend him for your consideration without reservation.”
Quote from Jon Peterson    PDF
Delaware County Treasurer
Former State Representative
Ohio House of Representatives 1999-2008

“Most recently, Charles Arndt’s leadership and vision have given rise to major changes in the delivery of supports for individuals with disabilities and their families especially for older adults living with parents who are also aging. At a time when Ohio and our country are facing a challenging economy, most county boards have lengthy waiting lists and some are facing financial cross roads. In addition, boards are faced with restricted access to Medicaid for expansion of supports. In this environment and in his leadership position, Charlie had the vision to craft a Medicaid plan of action to expand supports for adults and children with intensive needs. This plan of action allows leveraging and expansion of Medicaid waivers using existing state and local monies from supported living and adult services- a plan that can yield as much as $500 million of federal funding."
Pamela Barton
Former President
Ohio Association of County Boards of MR/DD

"Charlie successfully spearheaded this effort in collaboration with Ohio’s coalition of advocacy organizations, by bringing statewide media attention to our cause, gaining access to applicable agencies at the state and federal level of communicate our issues and needs and resulting in the enactment of major progressive statutory reform and funding advances in H.B. 94 (2001) and H.B.. 405 (2001).”
H. Michael Miller
Former President
Region V, Ohio Superintendents of County Boards of MR/DD

Above quotes from the 2001 presentation of the first Kenneth Legats Lifetime Achievement Award for Visionary Leadership in Administration presented to Charles Arndt. Click image below to view the award.
The 2001 Kenneth J. Legats Lifetime Achievement Award for Visionary Leadership in Administration - Presented to Charles H. Arndt

“In working with Charles Arndt in bringing about State Wide System Changes, his adaptability and creativity was always a strong asset in bringing about positive solution to the issue at hand. His dependability and reliability is unquestioned when it comes to completing a task or starting a new initiative or project. His communication skills in either written or oral presentations are precise and accurate.”
Quote from Lee Wedemeyer    PDF
Marion County Board of MR/DD 1991-2011
Ohio Superintendents of County Boards of MR/DD

“In all my years of working with professionals in this field, I have never found anyone like Charles Arndt who has the energy, intelligence, determination and passion to make the contributions that he has accomplished. With all of the legislation, forward thinking and hard work he has demonstrated, over 60,000 individuals in Ohio with disabilities are experiencing better opportunities because of his efforts. He is truly one of a kind individual that is a rare find and would make an excellent asset in any organization.”
Quote from Natalie M Lupi    PDF
Tuscarawas County Board of MR/DD

“Charles Arndt was a tireless advocate for all disabled children and adults. As a result of his efforts in the Ohio Legislature, the Franklin County Board of Mental retardation and Developmental Disabilities has realized an increase in funding of more than twenty (20 million dollars. Life in Ohio for this population is much better through Mr. Arndt’s efforts. He always behaved in a professional manner and I never had a question about his actions or integrity.”
Quote from Raymond A Horn    PDF
Assistant Superintendent
Ohio Department of Education for forty-six years
and member of the Ohio Association of County Boards of MR/DD, Franklin County Board of DD
Deceased 2007

“Charles Arndt and I attended several of the same conferences, that presented on some major changes in the field of developmental disabilities. Self-determination and person centered planning were in their infancy at that time. Charlie and I became close professional colleagues. Within two years, Charlie had written law on self-determination and supported living. Charlie was the sole testifier on the amendment to another bill. The new law gave individuals the right to choose what services and supports they need, who would provide the services and support, with whom they would live, and the traditional settings where they would live. This 1989 supported living law has stood the test of time and has maintained a benchmark for best practice nationally.”
Quote from Derrick Dufresne    PDF
Community Resource Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri