Charles Arndt
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Charles Arndt was born in the metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area. He has a three-part masters degree in business administration, health care administration and public administration from Ohio State University. He also has a Masters in Education from Bowling Green State University.

Charlie taught special education at the Brooklyn City schools for six years, was superintendent of the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities for another six years and was the first executive director of the Ohio Association of County Boards of DD for twenty years. While at the association, Charlie changed policy for county boards of dd by writing and gaining the enactment of many pieces of legislation including:
  • Developed and implemented educational funding for children in county DD boards at parity with the public schools;
  • Created effective management reforms for boards of dd allowing them to function effectively and efficiently;
  • Drafted Ohio’s supported living law that allows 16,000 people with dd to reside in homes of their choosing, with chosen roommates, choice in services and supports as well as providers. Ohio has committed over $700 million to the support of these individuals and ranks in the top five states in the nation;
  • Created Ohio’s service and support administration law authorizing these services within county DD boards;
  • Wrote Ohio’s abuse and neglect law and the delegation of medication and nursing tasks legislation with the State Board of Nursing;
  • He proposed and wrote Ohio’s Replacement Levy law that allows existing levies to be replaced for the new value of property.
  • In 2000, he identified ways to use over $300 million of local funding as matching funds for Medicaid waivers allowing the generation of over $500 million of new federal monies for over 20,000 people.
  • He also worked extensively to maintain and expand funding and best practice policies in Ohio.

Charles Arndt is President of Public Policy Impacts of Washington D.C. and New York. He works with state and local government to develop and implement effective policies, practices and funding that promote inclusion and integration for people with developmental disabilities. He provides services in Ohio, Illinois, New York, Missouri, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.